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Nadeche has been a photographer, always inspired by light & nature and has a heart for entrepreneurship. She traveled the world and found her inspiration in Canada.  Her love for dirty boots & country songs was not something she was born into, but sees herself completely grounded in a rolling landscape and a log cabin. She gets her inspiration for Wild Mountain Hats from this beautiful country, the culture and the people. She wanted to offer a physical product that matched her and her photographic style. This is how Wild Mountain Hats was born. 


Our focus is on durable felt and suede hats in natural tones. We believe in unique individual style and therefore have an exclusive range of one of a kind handmade hat bands. All of our hats have a distinct vintage and country vibe.

The idea behind our hat bands is that we want to give you the opportunity to change the look of your hat at any time.  For us, you can style your wedding dress or everyday clothing with a matching hat and band that is suitable for any occasion.  Make your hat authentic to your personality by customizing it entirely according to your wishes.  We want it to suit you!

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